Display images from your instagram

30 Jul 2022

If you've been wanting to fetch images from your Instagram and display them on your site, thus not maintaining a double gallery of sorts - you've come to the right place.

This guide will briefly go through this non-trivial process.

Follow Meta Developer guide for an in-depth tutorial: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-basic-display-api/getting-started

Initial set up

You'll need a

  1. Facebook app
  2. Instagram Basic Display app
  3. Instagram test user
  4. A Privacy Policy page

Details for the first 3 are in the document shared above.

You'll also need a privacy policy page, I generated mine using https://www.termsfeed.com/privacy-policy-generator/

Authenticate test user

Following the official tutorial, construct the auth URL, and paste it into the browser where you've already logged into Instagram. It looks something like this for me:


This opens up an OAuth form, allowing you to authorize this test user.

Once, done, you'll be redirected to your app's redirection page, in this case, kashyapsuhas.com, with the authorization URI appended to the end of the url. Ignore the #_ part and save that string.

Fetch access token from auth code

You can't do much with that string yet; To get the access token, request the access_token api while passing in previously obtained code. Looks something like this for me:

curl -L -X POST 'https://api.instagram.com/oauth/access_token' -F 'client_id="<CLIENT_ID>"' -F 'client_secret="<CLIENT_SECRET>"' -F 'grant_type="authorization_code"' -F 'redirect_uri="https://www.kashyapsuhas.com/"' -F 'code="<AUTH_CODE>"'

You now have access_token.

However, this token is short-lived.

Exchange short token for long-lived token

To get a decently long-lived (60 days) token, run the access_token api again but with grant as `ig_exchange_token`

Looked something like this in my case:

curl -L -X GET 'https://graph.instagram.com/access_token?grant_type=ig_exchange_token&client_secret=<CLIENT_SECRET>&access_token=<SECRET_TOKEN>'

We now have an access token TTL as 5184000.

Fetching the images

To fetch the images themselves, use the graph api.


Now, I would obviously not want to expose any of these keys to the client. To do so, I'd have to have a separate backend, which is a bit of an overkill. Luckily for us, NextJs has the "API" routes - routes that essentially work like the backend for us. I can now move the fetching logic to this file, while invoking the backend function through a simple fetch-image API, thus hiding the network call.

See pages/api/get-ig-images.ts for reference.


Refreshing these tokens is a manual process that I need to do every 2 months at the moment. I haven't figured out how to automate this yet, especially the authorizing test user part. Will update this guide if I figure that out.

Also to note: the ig/fb APIs seem a bit buggy - they simply do not work at time for no apparent reason.

That is all, now head to https://www.instagram.com/kashyap_07/ and enjoy some exquisite photography.